Did you know it’s National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?  I’m pretty sure there’s a national day for every single one of my favorite foods, which means I have an extra excuse to enjoy a gooey cheesy Grilled Cheese today.  Yum!

Growing up we had the traditional slice on cheese between two pieces of bread as our grilled cheese sandwich and then we dunked it in a bowl of Tomato Soup, which is still one of my favorite meals.  But I’ve started to venture out and make grilled cheese that’s a little bit more involved and added some delicious and amazing ingredients to kick them up a bit.

We’ve made our Sausage and Egg Grilled Cheese that’s a perfect breakfast option, this is really one of my favorite sandwiches.  We’ve also made the Pesto and Mozzarella Grilled cheese, Yum!  I eat this a couple times a week for lunch, they’re so easy to make and taste amazing!


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