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100 Follower Giveaway!!

January 3, 2012
Thank you to all of my followers!!  I am so excited to have people out there that read and actually may be inspired by the crazyness of my life. 
I am going to try my first giveaway!  This is very new for me and a big step.  I decided to start small and do a giveaway of somethings that i have made.  Actually, a couple things.  An infinity crochet scarf  and a crochet knot headband.  (please disregard that awful looking girl in the pictures!  LOL)

These will both be made in this mustard color. 
Also, I am including with these a $10 Shutterfly card. 

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*Leave a comment for each one of these that you do! Good luck :)
This contest ends on January 27th at midnight! 
(Shutterfly is not a sponser, I am providing the $10 giftcard myself )