I can’t believe we are finally in our new house, it seems like forever ago that I shared our kitchen preview with you!! To be honest, for a while there, I thought it was never going to happen but here we are!  Everything isn’t finished but there are a few things that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys!  Like this Butlers Pantry/Test Kitchen space that I created for working on my blog recipes.

If you didn’t see our planning post where I showed the details about what we were doing be sure to stop over and check out the Planning  a New Home: Test Kitchen post. I was thrilled to be partnering with CliqStudios on this project and I fell in love with the design that they created for me.

Butlers Pantry with the works!

What did I include in my Butler’s Pantry?  Well, if you know what a Butlers Pantry is, it’s usually an extra space for kitchen items and prep work to take place.  I went a step further and included a large pantry for my photo props, a second oven, microwave and refrigerator, as well as a second sink.

Beautiful Butlers Pantry with CliqStudios Cabinets!

I’ve found that I’m using the kitchen space a lot more than I ever thought I would.  I love that I can keep the mess contained to an area that’s out of site from the living room and dining room.  I can prep meals and leave dishes in the sink while we eat without having to really see the mess.

Gorgeous White Cliqstudios Cabinets

Plus, when I’m working on a blog recipe, I can have it away from what’s happening out with the family.  It’s really nice!

Farm Sink in the Butlers Pantry

Are you going to start a new kitchen this year or maybe remodel an old one?

Be sure to check out this eBook on 10 Weeks to a New Kitchen, there’s plenty of time to get your space updated for the holidays or start planning that new kitchen for the first of the year!


Here’s the scoop with CliqStudios, when you’re ready to start planning your new kitchen you create an account and get a quote or even request samples of the cabinets. You can even request to have a designer contact you! My experience with working with CliqStudios was nothing short of easy and amazing.  Their designer had ideas for my space that I hadn’t even thought of or knew existed!  I highly recommend connecting with one of their designers to help you make your kitchen fabulous!

Of course, I couldn’t share a post of my new kitchen space without also having a photo of Lily right where she always sits while I’m working.

The Butlers Pantry with all the extras!

Another cool feature that we added in the’s space is a large pantry with galvanized pipe shelving.  I wanted to share a little DIY on how we made these shelves.  They were supper easy and I think anyone could install them!

How to make Galvanized Pipe Shelves for your pantry!

What You Need to make a DIY Galvanized Pipe Shelf

Make sure that all the pieces work together!

Galvanized Flange

Galvanized Pipe

Galvanized Cap

White Shelving

Put the pipe pieces together, placing the pipe into the flange and then the cap on the end.

Determine where you want the shelve to be and then place a Galvanized Pipe every 16 inches or on a stud to be sure that they are securely fastened to the wall.

Place the white shelving on top, we didn’t secure the shelving because the cap prevents it from moving.  I haven’t had any problems so far.

I LOVE the look of these shelves and eventually there will be two barn doors that slide back and forth across the pantry.  I think it will all tie together nicely!

How to make Galvanized Pipe Shelves for your pantry!

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