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boy valentine

Boys Valentine’s are so much harder than girls.  My boys do not like anything with too many hearts or “lovey” stuff.  I had come across an idea on Pinterest for this fun Valentine and thought it was perfect! 


I found this six pack of Whoppie cushions at Walmart.  Then I just created my own printable and tied them together with red bakers twine. 


If you would like to make these yourself, you can use the Printable that I created and just have your kids sign their names! 



  • Stevie

    Thank you for this wonderful idea! I think my son will really enjoy making these, and I wanted to say I do not feel in the slightest that this project “sells boys short” I think it keeps their hearts young and gets them involved. Thanks again, I will definitely be using this!

  • sharon

    Seriously? As a Preschool educator and Mom of three sons, I find it insulting, and feel that you are selling boys short…. this is supposed to be a good idea for boys to be giving others for Valentines Day or any day? Believe me, there is a lot more to the male gender mind and being than bodily functions and to buy into that stereotype limits them. Valentines Day may be harder for boys in some ways, but this whopee cushion answer is ridiculous. If they were sent to my classroom, I would send them home and question the Mom who sent them in to begin with…..