Holiday Decorating Tips

Do you start Christmas decorating before or after Thanksgiving? I’m definitely one of those people that likes to decorate for Christmas sooner rather than later! I love transforming my home into a beautiful winter wonderland making it feel cheery yet cozy. And let’s be honest; all of that blood, sweat and tears poured into decorating and only getting to enjoy it for a few weeks is for the birds!

Knowing exactly what to do when it comes to decorating for the holidays though can sometimes leave you feeling a little lost. Over many years of trial and error (unfortunately I am getting old enough to have years of errors behind me) I have found a few must-do tips when it comes to holiday decor.

Check out my 5 favorite tips on decorating the home for the holidays!

Blend Styles Together

I love the eclectic result of mixing more than one style together! Take pieces that tend to have different styles that you would not naturally think of putting together. Place a holiday item that has a little glam to it with a few rustic or shabby chic pieces. The results are beautiful!

Use Fresh Flowers

Don’t under estimate the power of fresh flowers (and wonderful scent)! We tend to forget about fresh floral arrangements in the colder months but they are just as beautiful in the winter too! The use of rich red roses, winter white carnations and fresh Christmas greens is exactly what your holiday decor needs!

A Mantle That Makes a Statement

If you have a mantle then you already know that it is the focal point of the room. Which is why getting it right is so important in holiday decorating. Give it the attention it deserves with gorgeous Christmas garland. Garland lets the mantle make a statement without being too overwhelming or tacky.

Add a Homemade Piece

Make your holiday decorating personal by adding a homemade piece to the rest of your decor. I made this wooden serving tray (DIY post coming to the blog soon!) and couldn’t be happier with how it has made my entire room feel to me. Use a piece that you, your children or someone special in your life has made for you and you will smile every time you walk into the room and see it!

Give Depth to the Fireplace

Many times the mantle is the only focus on the fireplace and the rest is neglected. The hearth needs some love too! Give this space depth by adding pieces that vary in color and size. This small addition can tie your entire room together!

Enjoy decorating this season with these tips!


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