One of my favorite things about fall is apple season! My family loves to head out to the orchard and pick a bushel of apples, but unfortunately once the apples are sitting on my counter top, I have no clue what to do with all of them. If you have similar problems, have no fear! I found some of the tastiest apple recipes to share with you.

Delicious Apple Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Pumpkin Apple Strudel Muffins make the perfect way to start any fall day.
Who has time to make donuts? I have a feeling you will clear a few minutes from your schedule to try this easy and yummy Homemade Apple Doughnuts recipe.
A slice of Apple Cinnamon Bread is a great treat for the taste buds. If someone came over to make it for me in the morning I would hop and skip out of bed with no complaints.
Oatmeal Baked in an Apple makes a gorgeous breakfast that is healthy and delicious.
Apple Pancakes With Brown Sugar Apple Compote will make breakfast the apple of your eye.
Peanut Butter, Apple and Granola Snack Wraps make a perfect on the go breakfast.
 Apple and Bacon Coffee Cake is food for a stellar morning in my opinion.
Apple Streusel Pancakes look almost too good to be true.
Muffins are a breakfast staple for my family. You can bet that I will be making these Apple Spice Muffins With Granola Crumb Topping soon.
What is your favorite way to incorporate an apple into your breakfast? I would love to hear about your favorite apple recipe if you have one to share.

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