DIY Craft Table
DIY Craft Table
Back in May, I shared a post about a Kindergarten Display Board and I had alot of comments on my craft desk.  I thought I would share it with you today and the details on how my hubby put it together for me.  

I got the inspiration and some of the directions over at Ana White, here is her version of the table.
Craft Table Top For The Modular Collection
We just made ours a little bit narrower {only two rows of cubbies} so that it fit better in my craft room/office.  

We just picked up two of these Cube Cubbies from Menards for around 
$30 and a piece of wood for the top of the table.  
All we {I say we but really my hubby did all the work} had to do was assemble the Cubes, cut the wood to the proper size and put some Poly on the top to keep it shiny and nice.  

Here is a side view of the cubbies, I need to find some cute baskets that match, but for now this works.  
DIY Craft Table

 A view of the table top.  
DIY Craft Table
All of my tools that I use regularly.  
DIY Craft Table

This little guy is so handy!  I have my tools, markers and paint pens in separated into them.  
You can find one of these at Ikea.  

This lazy suzan caddy is really hand!  I have some bakers twine, hole punches, tape runners and my different Washi tape in here.  I found this guy at Home Goods.  

This little sign is just perfect for my room!  It was a free printable from THIS website.  

DIY Craft Table

I love this craft desk for many reasons.  

It is small enough that it fits nicely against a wall in my little office.  

I love the storage on the sides, 
I have lots of room to organize my craft supplies.  

The height is perfect, I can sit at my stool or stand comfortably and work.  
Plus, it’s super cute and I love the having a space to leave my projects out and not have to worry about cleaning them off my desk or kitchen table when I’m not finished.  

And, it was pretty inexpensive.  



  • Ann

    May I ask where you got the piece of wood for the top? I’m working on a craft table and I’m having a hard time finding one large piece of solid wood I can cut down to size and make it look exactly like yours since I love it so much.

  • LuAnn

    Looking for what the 3 cup hanging thing holding your markers is called. Trying to find it on ikea LOL

  • Alexis

    How did you secure the top to the cubbies?

  • Suzanne

    Plan on making one soon

  • holly

    I love this table. I am planning on making a breakfast bar, but am concern about how much weight the cubbies can bear. Is there any indication about how much weight the cubbies can bear? Thank you!

  • holly

    I love this table. I am planning on making a breakfast bar, but am concern about how much weight the cubbies can bear. Is there any indication about how much weight the cubbies can bear? Thank you!

  • Brenna

    Stopping by from Life After Laundry to say hello. I am in love with this table. I love your craft area, so cute. So glad to meet another crafty mom.

  • janeycat57

    I love this … It sounds like it will cheaper for me to do this with my 2 waist high small book shelves. I was going to get a sewing table from my son and daughter-in-law for my birthday coming up… I've changed my mind now they can get me a board instead… ha-ha… they will get a big laugh when i tell them i want a piece of wood instead of a new sewing table…. LOL I'm all for saving money and i know they need to also, they love to get a good deal Anywhere they can… I love yours table… tell your man i said Good Job !..

  • Niki

    I love this table! And it doesn't look too tough for someone as clutzy as me to make! Thanks so much for sharing! Found you through the GFC Hop 🙂

  • Morena Hockley

    Great idea!!

  • Angie

    What a wonderful desk Chrissy! You must use it all the time! I love how you used the cubes to get more storage! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  • Pams Party

    I have been wanting to make one of these for a long time in our computer room. I just need to get the supplies and do it instead of just thinking about it.

  • prototype mama

    such a great idea— thinking that this would be great for my homeschool room! Pinning!

  • Julie Rogers

    Beautiful—LOVE it! One day I want one of these when I finally have space:)

  • Emily

    LOVE IT!! And it seems like such a do-able project.

  • craftybiggers

    I putting together a craft area right now. I think I need one of these

  • Our Pinteresting Family

    Looks great! Enjoy your new desk!

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