DIY Sundae kit

My hubby’s family has sort of like a Thankmas on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Just for fun we do a $3 grab bag gift, which is kind of hard to do!!  I had been surfing some blogs and came across this DIY ice cream sundae gift kit and decided to make it myself.  :)
 So, here is my version of it!!
I made a homemade Caramel sauce to include, I got the recipe here.
 And a homemade chocolate sauce that I found here.
I included M&M’s, toffee chips, chocolate chips, gummy bears, and sprinkles with a few waffle cones and dishes.  I thought it turned out super cute!!

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    I am doing this exact same thing for my boyfriend's dad for Christmas. I like the idea of making the fudge and caramel on my own. A great cost cutter. Thanks for the post.

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    Love this! What a great idea. I've done small gift bags with a waffle cone and sprinkles but I love how you added the jars of sauce as well. Fantastic! New follower from the Sunday Social 5:)

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