It seems like we were just making the Peppermint Ice Cream treats for Christmas and now we’re bringing you a Valentine Ice Cream Treats idea to make. These are simple to make because you use the Pillsbury Cookie dough, which cuts your time in half!  My boys love any type of ice cream treat that I make them so they were pretty excited with these.

These treats would be a simple classroom party ide or just a Valentine’s Day dessert for the family.  There are so many different chocolate recipes but I’m always looking for different ideas, I’m not a huge chocolate fan.  Kind of weird? I prefer desserts with ice cream and fruits so this treat is perfect for me, plus I LOVE sugar cookies!

Valentine Treats, Valentine Recipes, Valentine Ice Cream Treats

How to Make Valentine Ice Cream Treats


  • 1 Package of Valentine Pillsbury Cookie Dough
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Sprinkles

Valentine Treats, Valentine Recipes, Valentine Ice Cream Treats


Step 1 – Bake the cookies according to package instructions.  Let the cookies cool completely.

Step 2 – Place one scoop of ice cream on the bottom of one sugar cookie and squish another cookie on top, until the ice cream is equally spread out.

Step 3 – Roll the cookie sandwich in the sprinkles so they stick  to the ice cream.

Step 4 – Stick them in the freezer so they harden up. Enjoy!

Valentine Treats, Valentine Recipes, Valentine Ice Cream Treats

You could also dip half of the cookie in vanilla candy coating or even the entire sandwich to give it another layer of flavor and give it a different look.  You would need to work quickly so the ice cream didn’t melt when you do this.  Just an idea!

Are you kids have classroom Valentine’s parties this year?  Would this work as one of the snacks?  My little guy is really hoping we can bring these to his class!

Be sure to stop by our Valentine’s Pinterest Board for more ideas on crafts and treats!

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