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Elf On The Shelf is a fun tradition to start with your kids, I would recommend doing it while they are still fairly young.  This is our second year having Fred the Elf in our home for December and I think it is probably our last year.  My boys are starting to get a little older and questioning how things work.  So, I’m having fun with the Elf this year!

If the Elf On The Shelf is new to you, let me explain how it works. The Elf arrives at your home with a book for you to read to your kids and lives in your home from now until Christmas. The Elf is watching your kids and reporting back to Santa on their behavior, the good and the bad.

Each morning when you get up, you find the Elf in a different place around the house.  Our Elf gets himself into some interesting and sometimes naughty situations that my boys find hilarious.

Elf On The Shelf, Elf On The Shelf Lifting Weights

This morning we got up and found Fred the Elf lifting weights, I guess Elf’s aren’t that strong because his weights were a tooth pick with marshmallows on each end.  Seems about perfect for a little Elf!

Elf On The Shelf, Elf On The Shelf Lifting Weights

We have a fun Elf On The Shelf Pinterest board where you can find more ideas and watch for more posts coming this month with where Fred ends up.

You can pick up your own Elf On The Shelf at Target and many other stores or just order it online.  You still have plenty of time this year so start tonight!

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