Hey there Taylor House fans!  I’m back from Prairie Girl to Southern Belle with one of our favorite recipes for you. It’s a beefed up (or chickened up) grilled cheese. It’s perfect for a quick dinner or to change up your lunch routine.
EverRoast and Swiss Hot Sandwich recipe, thetaylorhouse
EverRoast and Swiss Sandwich

2 Slices of your favorite bread. (I use White Mountain Bread from Publix)
Mayo (REAL mayo)
1-2 slices Swiss cheese
3-4 slices Boar’s Head EverRoast Chicken from the deli

Heat a frying pan on medium high. Generously butter one side of each slice of bread. On the other side, spread mayo. When pan is hot, place one slice buttered side down in pan. Add Swiss cheese, meat, and then the other slice of bread. Make sure the buttered side is up! Check the sandwich often before flipping. It’s easy to burn. When you think it’s ready, flip it and cook the other side. Careful, this side tends to cook fast! Serve it hot and enjoy it right away!
Make it this week. You’ll thank me!


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