Get Better Gift Ideas

Get Better Gift, bag full of goodies after surgery or illness
 I have a good friend who had surgery a little over a week ago and she isn’t able to get up and around very wellAfter being laid up myself for way too long, I can really feel her pain.  I decided to put together a fun little Get Better Bag with some essentials while she is on the couch every day.  Are you looking for Get Better Gift Ideas?
Here is what I included:
Hot Cocoa Stir Sticks
People Magazine 
Face Wash Cloths
Cozy Socks
Lip Balm

Get Better Gift, bag full of goodies after surgery or illness
These looked fun and simple, so I grabbed a couple yummy flavors.  You can find these Stir sticks at Target in the Christmas section. 
 Being unable to shower regularly after surgery, these face wash cloths are really handy. 
 I love EOS lip balm and this medicated tangerine flavor looked perfect to include in the bag.  
 Just stick everything together in a gift bag and you are ready to deliver.  I received a gift like this a few years ago when I was in the hospital and it was so nice to have a few of those special things to make me feel better.  I am hoping to pass that on to my friend now.  



  1. RACHEL TaoOfPoop says

    What a sweet thing to do for a friend! She is lucky to have you!
    Fellow Follower,

  2. Megan says

    That is such a great idea! I love the mints and facial cloths. I had surgery last year and the not-so-fresh feeling just made me even more miserable. Pinning this!

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