Halloween Crafts: DIY Mummy Candy Cups

Are you ready for Halloween?  Have you started putting together your décor and crafts to make your home festive and fun?  We have a bunch of easy projects to share with you over the next few weeks to get you ready for Halloween!  These are simple enough for kids to do, use as Halloween party ideas or decorate your home with.  Today we have a fun DIY Mummy Candy Cups Halloween craft to share with you.

Here is a fun and easy 5 Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes! Make your own Halloween Candy Cups using just a few items. I actually found all of the items (except empty water bottles) at the Dollar Store.

Halloween crafts

DIY Mummy Candy Cups

What you Need:

· Clean Empty Water Bottle

· Gauze (I found mine at Dollar Store)

· Googly Eyes (I found a pack of 125 at my Dollar Store)

· Glue

What to Do:

1. Cut the top off of a used, dry water bottle.

2. Glue googly eyes to the front of the bottle.

3. Attach the end of the gauze strip to the bottom of the bottle. Then wrap around the bottle, leaving a little section open around the eye.

4. Fill with candy!

How cute are these? These will look great decorating your home or handing out to kids as little candy favors at a party, school or just friends in the neighborhood.

My boys are looking for simple crafts to make on their own and have a little Halloween party with their friends this year, I think this will work great for them! What type of 5 Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes are you making this year?

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    WOW.. that some round-up of awesomeness!!! These ideas are so pretty and meaningful.These are great piece andI will adapt the tutorial to my own piece! Love it!

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    Hi Chrissy. Love love love your blog! I, too, have two active boys one just seven and one six at the end of January – but growing up fast! I always set a little Halloween party for my boys. I would love it if you would check out my blog some time to see their party table and my decorations. It is nowhere near as professional as yours but I just love sharing and blogging about my own experiences and love to follow others to get great hints and tips. Louise.xx

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