Today I am excited to have Jessica sharing another homemade cleaner that she uses for cleaning her grout.  I am in love with these easy homemade cleaners that she is using and sharing, they work so well and are easy to make. 
Hey there! It’s Jessica and I have another spring cleaning DIY for you. It’s for something that gets gross. It can get really gross…The grout on my kitchen floor.
Homemade cleaner, grout cleaner, DIY Grout Cleaner
I clean. I’m a clean person. How does this happen? I am not a fan of tile flooring.
I AM a fan of finding ways to make great cleaning products myself.  Did you know that cream of tartar has a bleaching quality to it? Mix it with hot vinegar and you’ve got yourself a fantastic grout cleaner!
 Homemade cleaner, grout cleaner, DIY Grout Cleaner

How to make a grout home cleaner

DIY Grout Cleaner
1/4 cup white vinegar, warm
2 tsp cream of tartar
Heat 2 cups of vinegar at a time in the microwave (then wipe out your microwave….2 jobs done at once!) and mix 1/4 cup vinegar and 2 tsp cream of tartar in a small dish. It really works best warm and the liquid will get dirty fast. You’ll want to change it frequently.  Now have at it with a brush. I used a tooth brush because it’s just the right size. I know, I know. This isn’t exactly a quick job, but you won’t have to do it very often.  Sometimes you just can’t beat getting on your hands and knees and using a little elbow grease.
 Homemade cleaner, grout cleaner, DIY Grout Cleaner
Homemade cleaner, grout cleaner, DIY Grout Cleaner

How to use grout homemade cleaner

When I started cleaning the grout, they thought it looked like a lot of fun. Of course i told them it was a blast and I quickly got them each a toothbrush and let them have fun!

It didn’t last too long.

After you have scrubbed, give it a quick wipe with a towel so no one slips. Once the grout dry’s, you will see some white residue. It comes up easily with some clean water and a quick scrub.  When you’re done, mop up. I had to mop twice. The first time left the floor with a residue.  Another round with a clean mopping pad did the trick.

Check out the difference! The kids were amazed. They said it was glowing!
Homemade cleaner, grout cleaner, DIY Grout Cleaner
Much better!

jessica 234x300 Spring Cleaning: Whitening Laundry Solution

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Here is another homemade recipe that Jessica shared!

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  • Nicole

    I tried this and it made my house smell like rotten eggs :/
    It did work, but my husband is not too pleased with the smell.

  • Liz

    This is amazing! I just tried it in my kitchen, wasn’t expecting to go through so much cream of tartar so only got halfway through, and I was expecting to do my kitchen and both my bathrooms, plus maybe the shower grout? So much for that plan 🙁 but I’m glad i found this on pinterest, definitely going to buy more and complete the job.

  • Ashley

    This is fantastic! I must whip this up and test it in my shower.
    Ashley recently posted..asparagus, spinach, onion, and feta quicheMy Profile

  • Leanne

    Very impressive!
    Leanne recently posted..How to Sew a Car Seat Cover…My Profile

  • Angela

    I’m actually amazed at how well that worked. I’m gonna have to try that on my bathroom grout.
    Angela recently posted..Homemade Cleaner: Two Ingredient Soft ScrubMy Profile

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