Homemade Pumpkin Bread

October 14, 2014

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Our Homemade Pumpkin Bread recipe comes from a dear friend of mine who I would say is more like an adopted Grandmother to my kids. She is amazing in the kitchen, which is why I trusted her when she handed me a recipe card titled Pumpkin Bread. Trust me, I would never try it if it didn’t come from her because I am not a huge pumpkin fan. That is unless we are carving them for Halloween! Even then I am not one to keep the seeds and bake them, like so many others. I was surprised by how easy it was to throw together and it tastes like a recipe that has been passed down for many years. You know it’s good when you can feel the history behind each bite. It also makes a perfect loaf for times when you are expecting guests over.

I hope you enjoy the Homemade Pumpkin Bread as much as we do and if you have time please go over to Muddy Flowers and check us out! We love making new friends!

What You Will Need:

1 tsp. Nutmeg
1 tsp. Cinnamon
3 cups Sugar
1 cup Cooking Oil
4 Eggs
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
1 cup Pumpkin
2/3 cup Water
2 tsp. Baking Soda
3 cups Flour
Raisins (Optional)
1/2 Cup Powdered Sugar
4-6 tsp. Milk

How To Bake The Bread:

Beat Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Sugar, Oil, Eggs and Salt. Add and mix in order: Pumpkin, Water, Soda and Flour. Grease well 3 regular loaf pans or 6 small loaf pans. Fill each pan 2/3 full and bake for 1 hour at 350* (325* if using dark pans). Check with a toothpick if it comes out clean they are done. Set on a rack to cool. Once it is cooled mix the Powdered Sugar and Milk together to make a nice icing. I use a small sandwich Ziplock baggie with a tiny cut in one corner to run across the bread loaf. Get creative and make a crazy Martha Stewart design, I am just not that talented in the kitchen!
Thank you for hanging out with me for a bit today. Once again I would love to see you over at www.MuddyFlowers.com – Have A Happy Day, Kelly

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