Homemade Shower Vapor Discs

January 9, 2013

Homemade Shower Vapor Disc Recipe to use when you have a cold

Homemade Shower Vapor Discs

It is that time of year!  Winter weather seems to bring with it colds and flu.  I suffered from a terrible head cold over the holidays and it was miserable! 

I hate having a stuffy head!  While I was on the couch in my jammies, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and came across this fun Homemade Shower Vapor Disc recipe.  They really work to clear out your sinuses! 

They are both inexpensive and very simple to make!

Here is what you need:

Baking Soda


Eucalyptus Oil

Cupcake liners


Place liners in cupcake pan.  Mix 3 cups of Baking Soda with 1 cup of water.  The mixture should be very sludgy and putty like.  Fill the liners 1/2 full.  Let them sit and cure overnight. Add 15 drops of Oil to the top of the discs.  

Homemade Shower Vapor Disc Recipe to use when you have a cold

Store in a sealed container.  I have a jar filled with discs in my bathroom and handy.  I also think these would make a sweet gift with some tissue and chicken noodle soup for a sick friend. 

Homemade Shower Vapor Disc Recipe to use when you have a cold

Homemade Shower Vapor Disc Recipe to use when you have a cold


  • Becky

    I was wondering if it is possible to put them in your bath water.

    • bridget

      But what I want to know is if it is 15 drops per disc? Yes these ingredients are safe for bath water.

  • Nancy

    Do I put 15 drops on each disc? I need these now! My sinuses are acting up again!
    Nancy recently posted..A Sewing Caddy and an Unusual DinnerMy Profile

  • Charlotte

    OK, I need help….it says “shower” discs. Do you just put them in the shower for the aroma? Does the steam from the shower make them work?

    • Chrissy

      Yep, just stick them in the shower on the floor and the steam dissolves the disc and you inhale the aromas.
      Chrissy recently posted..Stenciled Canvas CurtainsMy Profile

    • Charlotte

      Thanks for your reply….I’ve got to try these!

  • Michelle

    Ooooh, I love eucalyptus oil, especially when I’m sick. I’ll have to make up a batch of these for the next time I’m not feeling well.
    Michelle recently posted..Valentine’s Cupcake WreathMy Profile

  • Melissa K.

    Does this make 12 discs? I’m excited to try these. Love how few ingredients it takes.

  • Randi - Dukes and Duchesses

    I’m so intrigued by this idea … can’t wait to try it!
    Randi – Dukes and Duchesses recently posted..A Monogrammed Gift BagMy Profile

  • Delicia

    Where did you find your Eucalyptus oil?

    • Chrissy

      I picked up mine at Michaels in the soap making area.
      Chrissy recently posted..Dressed Up BookshelfMy Profile

  • Kim

    Wait-really? It is THAT easy. And you sure packaged them up pretty too:) I have everything to make this right now and I just may because I feel the colds approaching….

    If you get a chance this weekend, I would LOVE for you to link up at Get Schooled Saturday at Too Much Time On My Hands
    Kim recently posted..Get Schooled Saturday #56My Profile

  • Adelina Priddis

    So how exactly do they work? All my kids are sick, and I need something to help them before I go crazy!
    Adelina Priddis recently posted..First Haircut {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  • Sharon B.

    That is clever! I’ve not seen that before. Great time of year to post this. Thanks Chrissy! 🙂 Sharon
    Sharon B. recently posted..Good News/Bad News: Grilled Chicken Caprese WrapMy Profile

  • Jessica

    Totally need to make these! Great idea to have them handy in the bathroom!

  • Beverly

    Wow ! that sounds easy. I have sinus congestion a lot so I can’t wait to try these. Thanks!
    Beverly recently posted..Corner Night StandMy Profile

  • nancy

    My goodness I LOVE this idea! I mean LOVE!!!! I mean it;s something that everyone could use and it’s pretty too!
    Thx for passing it on.
    nancy-of the crazy 9

  • kendra kay

    awesome! my husband loves eucalyptus so i will have to try this maybe this weekend! im linking up with you all on your first link up- i hope its a success because its really fun and i found you!
    thanks so much- im following for sure!

  • Doug Davis

    How much Eucalyptus Oils is used?

    • Chrissy

      Thanks! I just saw I left that step out! You add 15 drops after they have cured. 🙂
      Chrissy recently posted..Homemade Shower Vapor DiscsMy Profile

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