If you were here last week, you saw that I’m doing a THREE WEEK Aveeno Daily Challenge that consists of drinking more water and using one of my favorite Aveeno Daily Lotions on a regular basis.  I wanted to give you guys an update and share some more Infused Water Recipe Ideas with you.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram for my #AveenoDailyChallenge updates!

Aveeno, Aveeno Daily Challenge, Infused Water, Infused Water Recipe, Strawberry WaterI’m not a huge water lover, it has no taste and that’s not my thing.  I love my coffee in the morning and Dr. Pepper during the day.  So, making this leap and forcing myself to drink water has been a challenge to say the least.

Finding new Infused Water Ideas has helped me immensely, giving it more flavor has made it easier to get the required 8 cups a day in.  I made the Strawberry Water in the above photo over the weekend and it’s one of my favorites!  I picked up that cute little pitcher on Amazon and it makes infusing water simple.

To make the Strawberry Water, simply cut up your strawberries and stick them in the pitcher, next fill with water.  Enjoy!

I decided to pull together 10 more delicious and refreshing Infused Water Recipe Ideas to share with you today!  I love all of these, they are sure to help me get my required water intake every single day.  Aveeno, Aveeno Daily Challenge, Infused Water, Infused Water Recipe, Strawberry Water

10 Infused Water Recipe Ideas

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 Have a fabulous week!

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