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The Holiday season is here and for most of us that means lots of time with friends and family.  Of course we spend most of our time eating, laughing, playing, talking and eating more.  Many family‘s have traditions of playing board games and watching movies but sometimes you just gotta get up and move.  My family and I reviewed the new Just Dance 4 this past week and it was so much fun.  Hilarious really, watching my boys dance to songs like Call Me Maybe.  It made me think that this game would be so fun playing at the Holiday’s with all our friends and family.  What better than getting up and moving while you laugh and spend time together.  
Just Dance 4 is just one in the series of Wii games where you mimic the dance moves that you see on the screen.  The better you dance and get your moves right, the more points you get.  The songs that you dance to are not only current chart topping hits like Call Me Maybe and Disturbia but you can also find some oldies like Jailhouse Rock.  When you pass levels with your moves you get the chance to earn more songs.  Plus, for those of us who are competitive, you get bragging rights for your superior dance moves when you win!!  Whoop!!  
This game is just the game to play with little ones to grandparents to help burn a few calories after you have that extra slice of pumpkin pie today or at any Holiday event.
This game is pretty inexpensive and would make a great addition to your video game library or even as a gift.  You can purchase Just Dance 4 on Amazon or at Toys R Us
My boys love this game and I feel a little better about them playing a video game knowing that they are active as well.  Those of us with kids who are “gamers” know that they can end up sitting for hours staring at the tv and playing a game.  So, having a game that involves more activity but they still get their video game fix is great!
I would highly recommend Just Dance 4 or any of the Just Dance gamesThey are so much fun for the whole family!  Even if you don’t dance, you will love laughing at those trying!  



  • Holly

    So glad to read your review. We have Just Dance for Kids and LOVE it and my 7 year old asked for the “regular” version for Christmas. Did you find the songs and dancing to be for an older audience or was it appropriate for kids similar in age to your boys?

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