Kids Craft: Easter Bunny Treat Cup

Do your kids loving having arts and crafts time with you?  My hubby traveled a lot over the last month, thank goodness he is done now, but while he was away we needed projects to fill our time.  My boys love doing anything that involves glue so we decided to do a few craft projects. 

These little bunny cups they made all on their own for a little gift to take to some friends we had dinner with.  They picked out the colors and, arranged the whiskers, and glued them all together.  I think they turned out pretty good.  Here is how we made them.

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

What you need to make an Easter Bunny Treat Cup.

  • Paper Cups
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Pom Poms
  • Candy to fill the cups

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

How to make the Easter Bunny Treat Cup.

All you need to do is cut the pipe cleaners to the size you want the whiskers to be and glue them on. 

Add a pom pom for the nose and two googly eyes.

Then you want to add a pom pom for the little bunny tail.

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

Bend two pipe cleaners into the shape of ears and glue those on as well.  The ears actually work well as a little handle for the cup, too. 

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

My kids had a lot of fun making their bunny cups for their friends.  We filled ours with chocolate eggs, but you could add any candy or non-candy item you like.  These would make cute little classroom gifts, niece and nephew baskets, table place markers, or even may baskets. 

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

Easter Bunny Treat Cups, Kids Easter Crafts

Have fun crafting with your kids!  Here area a couple more Easter craft ideas too!

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garlandtitle Craft Time with Kids: Easter Garland

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Egg Garland thumb Washi Tape Easter Egg Garland Tutorial

Here is a fun Easter cake!

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easterbasketcake thumb Easter Basket Kit Kat Cake



  • Cara

    Those are adorable. I will definitely be making these with my kids this week.
    Cara recently posted..The Active Parent Challenge-Through PicturesMy Profile

    • Chrissy

      Thanks, Cara! My boys had so much fun and loved giving them to friends as a little gift.
      Chrissy recently posted..20 Fun Easter Craft IdeasMy Profile

  • Jill

    These are really fun, I’ve been looking for some fun but simple things I can make with my little boy. He’s only 3 and really enjoys crafts but hasn’t got the longest attention span and get’s bored if we try to make thinks that take a long time. These are perfect!

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