May Basket Ideas

May Day is in just a couple days. 
We haven’t put together baskets for the neighbor kids yet,
but I did this little basket for my neighbor friends.
I am just starting to use Picmonkey for photo editing and creating labels, tags, etc.  I am really liking it!
May Baskets
 This basket has a few packs of seeds and some paper flowers for candies glued to them.  If you need a good tutorial on how to make paper flowers, check out this post over at Alderberry Hill.
Remember to leave your baskets on the door step then
“ding and dash”!  I’m hoping that mine will hang nicely on the door knob.  :) 
Anyone have any baskets to share? 
 Leave me a link and I will check them out! 




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  2. says

    What a neat idea! I was sad when Picnik closed, but Picmonkey is a great replacement! Love the paper flowers! Thanks for sharing with us over @ “Toot Your Horn Tuesday” ;)



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