Minute to Win it Party Games

December 29, 2016

With New Years Eve just a couple short days away, we decided it would be fun to plan a few family friendly Minute to Win it party games.  Games that everyone, young and old can join in the fun.  I put my youngest to work with the task of coming up with the games and he has some great ones!  Check out the five we’re going to be playing.

Don’t forget, these are great for birthday parties or just a fun Friday family night at home!

Minute to Win it Party Games

What You Need for these Five Minute to Win it Games


Package of Straws

Red Solo Cups

Paper Plates


Package of Cookies

Paper & Pen to keep score


Minute to Win it Party Games

Suck it Up

What you Need Per Player

Two Paper Plates

25 M&M’s


Place the two paper plates next together on the table with all of the M&M’s on one plate.  Using a Straw to suck up the M&M see how many you can move to the second plate in one minute.

Bonus, you get to eat the M&M’s after the game!

Minute to Win it Party Games

Cookie Face Off

What You Need Per Player

1 Cookie

Yep, that’s it!  One Cookie per player. Start with the cookie on your forehead, without using your hands see who can use their face muscles and get the cookie in their mouth!

Bonus, you can eat the cookie too!!

Minute to Win it Party Games

Pyramid Stack

What You Need Per Player

21 Solo Cups

Stack all the Solo Cups into a pyramid and then take them down into a stack of cups. Two players compete in each round and see who wins!

Minute to Win it Party Games

Stack Attack

What You Need Per Player

6 Red Solo Cups

2 Paper Plates

Stack up the plates and cups as fast as you can! Make it harder and start with just one cup on the bottom.

Minute to Win it Party Games

Marshmallow Toss

What You Need Per Team

Two Red Solo Cups

10 Marshmallows

Partner up! Standing across the room from each other, toss the marshmallows one and a time and the other person catches them. How many can you sink in one minute?

Minute to Win it Party Games

Have fun with your family and friends at your next get together with these fun games or think of your own way to play Minute to Win it!  There’s so many fun ideas out there!

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