My Boys Bathroom Makeover!!

We moved in to this home in the beginning of July, and I was pretty happy with most of the paint colors.  My boys bathroom color was a big dislike for me though.  Not necessarily the color, but the color in such a small space.  You all knew that room never stood a chance of being left alone.  So, after a few weeks of pondering which paint color would be best and the type of theme I wanted to use, I finally came up with a plan of attach!!  I am so incredibly excited with how this bathroom turned out!!
  This is the bathroom before, not a bad color but way too dark!
Here it is after!!  The first two pictures the lights are dimmed so they look a bit different.

The biggest change was the paint color and the trim that we added to the bottom of the room.  I had the vision, and my hubby made it happen!  He is amazing and really patient with dealing with all of my ideas I try to do.  :)
The paint color is Sweatshirt Grey from Menards.  It is actually quite a big more blue than grey.  But, it turned out perfect.

 The trim on the bottom of the room cost us $40!  I think it adds so much to the room for such a small price.  I did have to use four coats of paint to get a good coverage.

The pictures are hard to see, but they were taken in Florida this August.  We were at Amelia Island during Hurricane Irene and got to see some Amazing waves!!

Just a few more pictures of some ot the details that I included in the room.  Things are perfect or done done yet.  But, I was so stinkin excited with how it turned out that I couldn’t wait.  LOL!!
Love love the Mason jar with sand and a candle!  Great “Beachy” touch and cost next to nothing to do.

 Just a couple apothocary jars with shells from Florida!
I am just waiting on the Mason Jar soap dispenser and a couple of rugs for the floor, so it is close to done!
Did I mention that this bathroom is for a 9 year and 6 year old boy?!  I am really thinking they can share the Master bath with their Dad and I will take this one!!  I am completely in love with it!!


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    I love the color! And thanks for sharing what it is. I don't have anything to paint that color at the moment, but it's going into my pinterest board, for maybe someday. :) The trim is fantastic.

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