Neiman Marcus Brownies:

Five Ingredients to One of My Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Hello Taylor House readers! Thanks for having me!

I’m honored to post on the super cute Taylor House, because, like you all, I absolutely love creativity, DIY projects, and easy, delicious recipes.

I guess I should introduce myself before I begin. My name is Shauna and I blog over at Momma Candy. I share everything from my DIY Handwriting Lampshades to my obsession with Pinterest to my tattoo makeover. Sweets are weakness numero uno and I love my trashy reality television. I also have three children – a teenager, a soon-to-be kindergartner with special needs, and a sassy little princess. They keep me very busy so Momma Candy is a place to write about my sweet stuff. My candy. That’s why it’s called Momma Candy!

As I mentioned, I love Pinterest. I think it has changed my life! It has taught me how to cook more, get creative with my dinners, add variety, and take chances. I’ve actually tried many of my pins and not all of them end up being keepers. But when they are keepers, I will not shut up about it!



So here I go. I have to tell you guys. I have some favorite recipes. But you need to know about this one.

It was one of my first Pinterest attempts after pinning this pin. I was a timid Pinterester at the time so when I saw that it only called for five ingredients, yes, FIVE INGREDIENTS, I was sold.

Enter…Neiman Marcus Brownies.

They’re also known as Blondies, Gooey Butter Cake and Chess Squares. But, to me, they’re known as delicious.

Let me show you how easy these are.

Just five ingredients, guys.

Chess Squares

That’s it.

A box of yellow cake mix.
A block of softened cream cheese.
Three eggs.
A stick of butter. (Melted, 1/2 cup)
4 cups of powdered sugar. (About half a 2 lb. bag.)

Seriously, that’s it. You probably have it in your cupboard right now.

The idea is to first create the amazing crust.

Mix the cake mix with the melted butter and one egg to form a dough.

Neiman Marcus Brownies

Then press it into the bottom of a greased baking dish.

My daughter loved this part because she got to pat the dough down with a spoon.

But then she kept sticking her fingers in the dough and I had to bribe her with an Oreo to exit the kitchen.

Next mix the softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, and remaining two eggs. I used a hand mixer because it was easier to whip the cream cheese. The wooden spoon is there to scrape the sides of the bowl.

Pour all of the sugary goodness over the yellow dough.

Bake at 300 degrees for 50 minutes.

It will come out gooey on top so the best indicator of “done-ness” is the golden crust.

Now, I know you’ll want to dive in right away but let it sit and cool. It’s much better that way.

I know. Because I didn’t wait. I immediately had two pieces.

Neiman Marcus Brownies

Let’s give it up for the corner piece!

Tastes like cheese cake. And brownies. And cookie bars. And magic.

But I need you to fully understand these Neiman Marcus Brownies.

Neiman Marcus Brownies

So, so good. Some might think these are too sweet. Bite your tongue! These are perfect.

I’ve also made these and regular brownies and alternated them in a checkered pattern on a platter.

If you want something easy and you want something decadent and amazing, you must try these Neiman Marcus Brownies immediately. You know you probably already have the ingredients.

No, wait! Don’t make them yourself. Come and get the ones I just made or I will seriously eat this whole pan.

Happy baking!

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And, seriously, when are you coming to pick these things up?


  • Wendy

    You need to try with butter pecan mix and add a good handful of chopped pecans sprinkled on top. Yum

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