Old School Desk Redo

October 14, 2011

  A couple years ago, I found this little school house desk at Goodwill.  It is so stinkin cute!!  I remember these desks from when I was in first grade, a really long time ago!!  It cost me $2.99, because it was in really rough shape and didn’t have a chair with it.  But, it was the perfect size for my then 3 year old son to sit at in the office with me.  My boys still use it, although they are quickly outgrowing the desk.  It has a place in my office, in front of the window with markers, colors, pencils and the things that they like to “work” on. 
The other day, while I was surfing some of the blog parties, I happened to see a desk that was completely spray painted a new color and it was really cute!!  I did sort of a spin off on that idea and decided to spray paint the top with chalk paint, so my guys could write with chalk on the top. 
So, here is the desk before I did anything.  Pretty plain little school desk. 

I used a Rustoleum chalk spray paint that I got at Michael’s for about $6. I sprayed two coats on the desk and the can said to let it dry for 24 hours.  So, I let it sit over night, not quite 24 hours, but it was nice and dry by morning. It looked pretty cute, but I thought stenciling the alphabet across the top might add a little bit to it.  You can see below how I started and the stencil that I chose to use.  I stenciled the letters with a pencil and then when back over with a fine brush using white paint. 
Here is the finished desk!  I think it is super cute and my little guy loves writing on it with chalk!!  I had to free hand the numbers but they came out pretty good. 
My boys love it!  They were drawing on it all evening after school!  That alone makes it a A+ job!  LOL!!


  • Junky Vagabond

    I snapped one of these up at Goodwill too! They bring back memories, don't they? I LUV what you did with it!!!

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