I’m thrilled to partner with American Standard to bring you our New Home Series!

Big news guys, we’re building a new house and I am going to be sharing a ton of tips, ideas, and posts along the way.  We have a huge series that’s jam packed with everything from kitchen to flooring ideas that I know will be inspiring and help you plan your whatever projects you have coming up.  I’ve partnered with some amazing brands like American Standard to show you the very best products that I know you will love!

I’ve found that my kitchen and bathrooms have been the most fun but also a bit stressful to design and plan.  I wanted to share a few master bathroom design ideas with you today.  Check them out and be sure to stop back to check out our bathroom reveal.

Planning a New Home: Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom Design Ideas

Think about the Layout – I think this is probably the most important step in the design process.  Look at your space and really think about the layout and where you want everything to be.  This is the time to make decisions that cost a lot of money to change down the road, so it’s important to get it right.

Are you putting in just a shower or do you have a bath tub too?  Did you want one large vanity or two small?  Are you putting anything special in the room like built in shelves, wire up a t.v., or a linen closet?  This is the time to decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t.  If you’re like me, you want it ALL and try to fit as much in without compromising on the necessities (you probably need to keep a toilet in there, just saying).

We used cardboard and laid it on the floor of the bathroom and labeled each one (vanity, tub, etc.) so that I could visualize where everything would be and how it would feel.  I highly suggest doing this, it really helps to feel the space.

Storage, Storage, and then MORE Storage – I know, it’s a bathroom, there’s not THAT much to storage in it.  Trust me, you always need more storage.  Do you have room to sneak in a little linen closet in the bathroom?  Do it!  Maybe there’s space over the toilet for shelving, or to get a little wider vanity, whatever it is – just do it.  You won’t regret it- promise!

Remember the Lighting – Lighting is HUGE, there’s nothing worse than walking into a poorly lit bathroom to try and put make up on, or read a book in the tub.  Lighting can make or break a space, so be sure to focus on it for a minute.  We ended up putting can lights in the entire room, vanity lights, and a chandelier over the bath tub and they all have the option of being turned on their own.

While you’re thinking about lighting, don’t forget the plugs.  You probably won’t need as many as a normal room but it’s important to have them above the vanity, or in a cabinet or drawer if you’re putting them out of sight.  I’ve seen some genius ideas on placing a plug in cabinets for curling wands and straighteners to be plugged in.

Spoil Yourself – If you’re anything like me, the bathroom is your sanctuary, I go there every single evening to take a long hot bath and relax from the day.  EVERY DAY.  I’m not even joking a little here, it’s MY time.  Because this is a huge part of my relaxing time, I have to have a deep tub and if it has jets – even better!  Not all tubs are created equal and I did a lot of looking for the PERFECT tub for me and my space.

I found the American Standard Heritage Oval EcoSilent Whirlpool and new that it was the right one for me.  Let me tell you why!

This acrylic tub’s EcoSilent™ Whirlpool System is 50% quieter and uses 45% less energy than regular whirlpools. Includes 8 adjustable jets, dual armrests, 2 silent air-volume controls and our EverClean® antimicrobial additive that protects pipes from mold, mildew and more so you can unwind with fewer worries.

American Standard has an awesome resource to help you with buying a whirlpool for your bathroom – check out their How to Buy Guide for the Bathroom!

Who wouldn’t want an amazing tub like this?  Seriously!

Planning a New Home: Master Bathroom

Photo Source

 Can you tell I’m a little excited?  This is after the tub had been placed in the bathroom, obviously there’s no walls yet or much of anything but I had to try it out!  I cannot wait to show you guys how this turns out!  Stay tuned!Planning a New Home: Master Bathroom

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