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Last week we started a new series that’s centered around Planning a New Home.  We are so lucky to be moved back to our hometown with our families and are smack dab in the middle of building my our dream house.

I have to be honest, I didn’t think that I’d be building a new home right now or live in Iowa again.  But, life has a funny way of putting you in places that you need to be when you don’t even know why at the time.  When we started to plan on moving back home, we couldn’t find a home that fit our family, they either needed too much work, didn’t have enough space or just had a poor layout.  That’s why we decided to build.

So, here’s the deal, with blogging I needed more space for creating recipes.  A place where I could have everything out and not worry about a mess or having space to make dinner too.  With the new house, we decided to add a test kitchen which is pretty much a butlers pantry with a sink, stove and refrigerator in it.  That way I have a place to keep ingredients that are just for blog recipes, I have a place to take photos and some gorgeous cabinets to keep everything in.

Planning a New Home: Test Kitchen Cabinets

Photo Courtesy of CliqStudios

 I’m thrilled to have partnered with CliqStudios and work with their amazing designer Stephanie to create this beautiful space for me to work. There’s definitely a few ideas that I have about planning your new kitchen that I wanted to share with you.  If you’re thinking about or actually planning on a kitchen renovation or new house you’ll want to keep these in mind.

Always think about your space and where you’ll be working, where you’ll be storing food, and how the space will flow.  When you’re planning the kitchen cabinets stop and think about where you will be cutting vegetables, where you’ll use your mixer, how high to place the mixing bowls and which drawer you’ll need the utensils not to mention where the stove and microwave will be. This way you kind of have an idea where to put a bank of drawers or where to have a spice cabinet.  Planning the layout is the absolute key to creating a space that is really functional for what you need.

Add some details.  I know, I know, details usually cost more.  But, I’m going to be honest with you, with CliqStudios I found that adding that extra row of cabinets or the feed on the sink base really didn’t cost as much as I imagined.  It’s going to give my kitchen a little bit more character too.  So, add that crown molding on top or that extra tall cabinet that will stand out, you won’t regret having these details in your space.

Here’s a little sneak peak at what my test kitchen layout looks like.  Check out all the fun stuff that I added into it!

Planning a New Home: Test Kitchen Cabinets

 This is an L shaped kitchen with cabinets on the two sides, the left side of the room is a large closet/pantry that will store a lot of my appliances.

Planning a New Home: Test Kitchen Cabinets

I ended up picking Dayton White for my finish.  This is the first time I’ve had a white kitchen and I cannot tell you how excited I am.  The space is going to be bright, beautiful and the perfect place to create delicious recipes!


 Here’s the scoop with CliqStudios, when you’re ready to start planning your new kitchen you create an account and get a quote or even request samples of the cabinets. You can even request to have a designer contact you! My experience with working with CliqStudios was nothing short of easy and amazing.  Their designer had ideas for my space that I hadn’t even thought of or knew existed!  I highly recommend connecting with one of their designers to help you make your kitchen fabulous!

Planning a New Home: Test Kitchen Cabinets

Be sure to check out this eBook on 10 Weeks to a New Kitchen, there’s plenty of time to get your space updated for the holidays or start planning that new kitchen for the first of the year!


Be sure to check back as we share the installation process and the grand reveal!

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