Setting up a cleaning schedule that works

Often times after the Holidays and the start of the new year people make resolutions that revolve around getting yourself more organized.  I am one of these people.  After the busyness of the holidays and falling behind on everyday tasks, the new year brings an opportunity to start fresh.  I reevaluate what is working in our house and create a new cleaning schedule.  

I am very lucky to be able to stay home to care for my family and you would think that I would be on top of my cleaning and daily chores but I struggle.  I have been know to go into a cleaning frenzy hours before guests arrive because I did not keep up with my weekly tasks. 

Last year, I created a weekly cleaning schedule that is similar to one that I saw over on I Heart Organizing.  I love this cleaning plan because it allows me to do my daily chores and then pick the days and times that I do my weekly and monthly.  Instead of doing certain chores on specific days, I can do them as I have time or want to.  I just check them off for the week or month and I know they are finished.  Very easy! 


How to set up a cleaning schedule that work.

The Chores that I do daily.

1. Dishes (actually is my oldest son’s chore)

2.  Kitchen Counters ( Kitchen Organization Tips)

IMG_1932 - Copy

3.  Bathroom Counters (wipe down)


4.  Make Beds

5.  Full House Pick Up

6.  Laundry (Does it ever end??)

 Redo of my Laundry Room Redo

7.  Sweep Floors

Now, each one of us have different priorities and cleaning schedules but this is what I have found to work for me the best.  If you want to try the schedule that I made, there is a printable version listed below.  I printed and laminated my cleaning plan so that I can use it over and over. 

You can find a free printable schedule of our family cleaning plan is over HERE.

You can see how I created an Creating an Organized Coffee Station too.

coffeestation thumb How to create an Organized Coffee Station

I also shared a post on creating an organized lunch station this week over at Living on Love and Cents, be sure to stop and check it out!




  1. says

    great post, Chrissy! I hope this organized cleaning idea sticks with me and I can make it a habit. My kids seem to think that I only clean up when company is coming by the house. I try to tell them that we need to take pride in our home and that the daily straightening up and cleaning is for our enjoyment of our space. They are not convinced! I quickly get overwhelmed and know these ideas you shared will be helpful Thanks!
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  2. laurie says

    laundry NEVER ends around here. I attempted the whole “one day spent doing laundry thing” and guess what. It worked. for one whole day!! I love the cleaning schedule. I totally need one.

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