What type of staycations do you have with your kids during the summer?  I’m so excited to have Marcy from Day2Day Super Mom here to share her DIY Outdoor Movie Night with us!  This is such a great summer activities for kids ideas!

In the new era of ‘Staycations’ I’ve racked my brain as to what to do this summer with the kiddo’s.  And with our Twins just turning 1 month old on Saturday I’m all about Staycations this year.  So I’ve thought about the things my parents use to do with all of us kiddo’s when I was little and one of the first fun thoughts that popped into my head was the Drive-In.  I LOVED going to the Drive-In.  My dad making us lay down in the back to sneak us in.  Oh the memories!  But the Drive-In is all but extinct…until now! 

Summer activities for kids

Enter the white sheet and binder clips.  Or any other clippy-do-dad that you can hang up a sheet with.  I found these guys at the local Dollar Store.  Score!  Also you’ll need some kind of projector that you can plug into a lap-top.  We found one similar to this projector at a garage sale.  Score again!  I used it to paint the custom mural in the Twinkies room too.  Totally worth the $20 bucks.

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Next thing you’ll need is a place to hang the sheet from, or on.  I already have a rope strung between a grouping of trees where I have my Mason Jar Lanterns hanging so that worked out easy for me.  But it wouldn’t take long to tie a rope or clothesline up.  Or you can magnet your sheet down the side of a Van or SUV.  Or how ’bout projecting right onto the side of your house?  Improvise SuperMom’s!

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


The next step is the hardest, but still simple as can be.  Hang the edge of your sheet from the rope, and clip clip away. 

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


It was a little windy so I grabbed a few big rocks to hold down the bottom of the sheet movie screen with. 

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Done.  Hard part’s over.  By now the kiddo’s were flocking and wondering what the heck Mom was doing now.  I kept silent amongst all the questions.  Letting the drama and suspense fill the air.  It was movie night after-all!

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Ok, maybe I lied.  I guess the hard part was setting up the projection-station.  So what did I do?  I grabbed a big cooler for my impromptu table to set my lap-top, projector and external speakers I swiped from the desk-top on.  The speakers aren’t necessary but I wanted to play the movie loud.  Like way louder then would ever be allowed in the house.  Like move theater loud. Couple of camp chairs later and we were in business. 

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Oh yeah.  And blankets for the kiddo’s to lay down on.  But not Walter.  He had to stay off the blankets at least until the movie started.  Then he could join us.

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Once it got darkish, around 9:30 for us, we were ready.  The kiddo’s got their PJ’s on, grabbed their blankets and picked a spot.  I popped some popcorn of course.  I also splurged and gave them some treats too. 

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


We decided on Hoodwinked for our first Stay-In Movie Night.  Next time I’ll let the boys pick something “cool” like Star Wars or Spider Man. 

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


All I can say is this was a HUGE hit with the kiddo’s.  They had so so so much fun.  It was easy to set-up and once you have your viewing area in place it doesn’t require any planning ahead, which made it a HUGE hit with Mom.  SuperDad on the other hand…well it went something like this.  “We have a new $2,000 TV and you want to go watch a movie on a sheet?!!?”  But once he got his candy and I handed him the bug zapper he settled in and had a great time too!

Outdoor Movie Night ~ SuperMom Monday


Making memories.  Isn’t that what life is all about?  =)

Do you have any other Staycation ideas?  I’d love to hear them! 

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  • Theresa--Capri + 3

    We love your idea of an outdoor theater in the summer. We are featuring your post in Favorites of 2013 for Artsy Play Wednesday. Thank you for linking up. We hope you will share your posts in the New Year. Happy New Year!
    Theresa–Capri + 3 recently posted..A Holiday ScareMy Profile

  • Sarah

    What a fun and clever idea! I\’m adding this to our summer bucket list for next year!

    I’m also featuring your post at the Hearts for Home Blog Hop tomorrow! Thanks for sharing and linking up!

    I hope you’ll stop by and link up again, and don’t forget to grab an “I was featured” button.

  • Kristen B

    What a fun idea. It’s still daylight when my kids go to bed but when they get older we’ll definitely do this.

    Thanks for linking up at Artsy Play Wednesday. Pinned to our group board.
    Kristen B recently posted..Cloth Diaper Giveaway Linky {7/27}My Profile

    • Chrissy

      Thanks! I wish the mosquitoes weren’t so bad here so we could be outside more!
      Chrissy recently posted..Homemade Pickles RecipeMy Profile

  • Jill

    this would be so much fun!
    Jill recently posted..Balloon Sticks–A Great Find!My Profile

  • Emily

    we totally do this same thing! My parents live ina lag home, so we just staple the sheet to the side of the house… the kids LOVE it every summer. Great tutorial! thanks for linking up to the Tasteful Tuesday party… You are being featured today. I’d love for you to tweet, share or +1 your feature :o)
    Emily @ Nap-Time Creations.com

  • Jacquie

    lol! My husband would say the same thing! This is a great idea – love the easy set-up. We looking into a projector so we’ll have to try this in the fall!
    Jacquie recently posted..Exploring Space: Water Rockets for Kids {+ Add Your Own!}My Profile

  • GodlyGlimpses

    LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing. I am off to search for a projector now!
    GodlyGlimpses recently posted..You can’t judge a book by it’s cover!My Profile

  • Belinda Letchford

    Love this! My daughter celebrated her 17th this way. We watched My Fair Lady. It was one of the best parties we’ve had. A great idea to add it to a staycation list.
    Belinda Letchford recently posted..How do you have the Patience and other Homeschool QuestionsMy Profile

  • Suzanne

    This is a great idea and you explained it so well! I’ve seen posts that left me confused as to what they used to project the movie. Some projectors aren’t even that expensive so it’s totally do-able!
    Suzanne recently posted..Learn to Read with Letter TilesMy Profile

  • ellie

    This is on our SUMMER BUCKET LIST! What kind of projector do you have? Just about to buy one! XO, ellie p.s. So fun to find you at Pin It Tuesday!
    ellie recently posted..gadgets and gear: the OFFICIAL Lego iPhone Case from BelkinMy Profile

  • Pary Moppins

    We love outdoor movies! Thanks for the tutorial and for linking up at Pin It Tuesday!
    Pary Moppins recently posted..Madly in LoveMy Profile

  • Gretchen

    Very cool! My kids would love this :). I actually thought about doing an outside movie for their birthdays last year, but we’d just moved into our new house, and I was afraid the new neighbors would be worried that we were always noisy ;). Now that we’ve proven we’re generally reasonably quiet after dark, I think it’s time to revisit the idea.
    Gretchen recently posted..Fergus!My Profile

  • Michelle

    This looks like so much fun! I think any kid would love this! We’re definitely going to try it!
    Michelle recently posted..Facebook Hashtags: 5 Reasons To Use Them!My Profile

  • Bonnie

    I love the idea of outdoor movies! Last summer we took this same idea except that our “seats” were the pool and inflatable rafts and things. We watched “Jaws” 🙂 (obviously that’s not appropriate for family movie night, but plenty of other ocean options available of a non-thriller variety)
    Bonnie recently posted..The Gamble of Part FourMy Profile

  • Lisa

    So much fun this is exactly what I want to do with my kids this summer


    Creative Raisins

  • Chris

    Great idea! And if sound is a problem then it might be a good excuse to try a silent film too (Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton?)

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