Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt & Printable

 Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  What better than eating and spending time with friends and family?  All that food requires alot of work!  Anyone who has made Thanksgiving dinner knows that it takes hours of preparation, which for me means that my boys need to stay out of the kitchenWe are headed to Grandma & Nana’s this year for Thanksgiving, where it isn’t as easy to keep the kids busy while we are getting things ready.  So, I thought a little Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt would be a fun activity that gets them outside for a while.  
I put together a scavenger hunt that would be easy enough for some of the younger cousins.  I just printed it out on a brown paper bag so that they can collect their treasures in it as they go.  
Thanksgiving scavenger hunt
To print on a lunch bag like this is pretty easy.  You just need to create a document in Word and change the page layout size to 5x10 and away you go!  
You can print the Scavenger Hunt that I created over HERE.   
Have a great Thanksgiving!!   




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