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Recently I decided to invest in a nice blender, I picked out the Ninja Blender Duo with Auto IQ after I saw it in action at a conference.  They used it to make Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream with only three ingredients!

I started to think about all the different ways that I’ve used a blender and thought I’d share some of the less known ideas with you.  Check out all the ideas!

Things You Didn't know you could make in a Blender!

Top Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With a Blender

Pie Crust– I used to use my Food Processor to make my pie crust but after I got my Ninja and tried it once – I was sold!  This is a great way to make a homemade Pie Crust that’s buttery and delicious!

Homemade Peanut Butter – Yes, that’s right!  You can make your own Peanut Butter with your Blender by using just a couple easy ingredients! With as little as three ingredients you can make your own!

Baby Food – Most of you probably already knew this one but there might be a few people who didn’t realize just how easy it was to make homemade baby food by using a blender and fresh veggies!

Shredded Meat – You know those recipes that call for shredded chicken?  Put the forks away and try using your blender instead!

Compounded Butter – If you love Herb Butter and delicious flavor options – using your blender to create these amazing combinations is simple!  You can check out our Garlic Herb Butter for an example.

Instant Applesauce – All you need to make this yummy treat for your kids is a couple ingredients – check out this recipe that I found!

Soup – I used my Blender to make a creamy tomato soup with fresh tomatoes and it was so much better than what I would have gotten straight from the can!

Homemade Bread Crumbs – Use some toasted bread and seasonings to blend up your own bread crumbs to use in recipes!

Powdered Sugar – This is great!  All you have to do is put regular sugar in the blender and let it go until you have powdered sugar!  It’s just that easy!

Whipped Cream – I had been using my stand mixer to make my Whipped Cream but decided to try my blender and it worked like a charm!  So easy to have a fresh topping for cakes and drinks!

This is the Blender that I love and use! It’s been amazing so far!

Nutri Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ



  • Ally

    Thank you for the shoutout in this post (and sorry it’s taken me so long to thank you)! There are some fantastic tips on this list for getting the best use out of our blenders 🙂

  • BJ

    I love my Ninja.So many things you can use it for!

  • Mandy

    Wow what great uses for a blender. I would have never thought of shredding meat or making peanut butter in my blender.

    Mandy recently posted..Meal Prep for the weekMy Profile

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