Most of you know that we’ve been building a new house for the last year, it’s not done yet but we’re getting there.  Who knew that building a house could take this long and be this much work? This is the fourth house we’ve built so, you would think that I’d know better but this house – it’s so much more than any of the others.  This house is where we’re staying for a long time so I wanted to make sure that it was right and not just right but really right.

Everything from the second kitchen to the master bathroom has been well thought out and planned to make the house exactly what we want and need for many many years.

The place that I spend a lot of time is the the bathroom – my relax time is at night when I take a bath and just unwind for 30 minutes or an hour.  So I wanted to make my bathroom feel like a spa oasis at home.  Here’s a few of the things I did.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

It Starts with the Tub

The number one way to make you feel like you have a spa at home and can relax for hours is to put in the perfect tub.  Here’s what qualifies the tub as perfect for me – it needs to be deep and have jets.  Right?!

We decided to go with the American Standard Heritage Oval EchoSilent Whirlpool for several reasons.

Information from American Standard

This acrylic tub’s EcoSilent™ Whirlpool System is 50% quieter and uses 45% less energy than regular whirlpools. Includes 8 adjustable jets, dual armrests, 2 silent air-volume controls and our EverClean® antimicrobial additive that protects pipes from mold, mildew and more so you can unwind with fewer worries.
Enjoy total relaxation in the hushed environment provided by our revolutionary EcoSilent™ whirlpools. Featuring the EcoSilent whirlpool pump, these luxurious ultra-quiet, ultra-efficient whirlpools use 50% less energy than standard whirlpools. Combined with the antimicrobial EverClean® system, silent air controls, and multidirectional adjustable jets, EcoSilent whirlpools melt your stress away.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

Lighting Is Key

As with every room in the house, lighting is key.  There are rooms that you want well lit with bright lights and other rooms that need softer lighting to give it a more relaxed feel.  I thought the master bathroom was the perfect place to put a gorgeous chandelier over the bath tub.

Remember to have it hung high enough that you don’t hit your head when you stand up!

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

Make it Beautiful and Functional

One big tip that I have if you’re going to put in a nice whirlpool tub is to purchase a faucet that has hand shower.  This is for two reasons – so that you can wash your hair and shower in the tub but also to make it easier to clean the bathtub.  The ability to rinse things out with the hand shower is really handy!  We went with all oil rubbed bronze faucets and fixtures in the house and I LOVE this Portsmouth – Deck Mounted Bathtub Faucet with lever handles. It’s the diamond on the tub that really makes it feel luxurious.

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

The Details are Important

Maybe you can’t remodel your bathroom right now to put in a new whirlpool tub but you can still make it feel like a spa retreat by adding things like white fluffy towels, candles and of course some great wine.  Any bathtub can turn into a heavenly relaxation spot by adding these things!

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

I’m thrilled to have partnered with American Standard while we were building our house, my bathroom and bathtub are such a huge part of my daily life – I’m lucky to have such an amazing tub to use!

Be sure to check out American Standard on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more Bathroom inspiration!

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home

Ways to Make Your Bathroom Become a Spa at Home


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    wowww… great ways to make home bathoom a SPA. thans for sharing

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