Grilled Chicken Sandwich with Asian Coleslaw

  • Author: Chrissy


Grilled Chicken Sandwich is a  summer staple, it’s always on the menu and we adore finding new ways to make it a little more delicious or change things up slightly. This sweetly grilled chicken sandwich with a fresh Asian Coleslaw is our new favorite! It has all our favorite flavors of summer.



4 Chicken Breasts

1 Bottle Ken’s Simply Vinaigrette Asian 

1 Bag Coleslaw Mixture

Hamburger Buns



Start by marinating your chicken breasts in 1-2 cups of Ken’s Asian Dressing, I like to marinate overnight if possible but when I’m short on time about 30 minutes will give it some flavor too!

Next, grill the chicken breasts until they are cooked completely through.

While the chicken is grilling, mix the coleslaw mixture together with 1/2 cup Ken’s Simply Vinaigrette Asian dressing.

Add the chicken to your bun and top with the Asian Coleslaw. Enjoy!